Annual Report 2017


The Supervisory Board recognises the broad interests the company represents and understands its responsibility towards all the company's stakeholders: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and financiers. We wish, within this context, to refer you to the, website that contains up-to-date information on the company.

The company once again achieved the desired progress in the different countries in multiple areas in 2017. The disappointing developments in primarily Germany were largely the consequence of external circumstances and do not detract from the many good developments and achievements realised by the group as a whole in the year under review. The Supervisory Board is grateful to everyone within the Beter Bed organisation for their contribution to realising the set objectives.

Uden, The Netherlands, 1 March 2018

D.R. Goeminne, Chairman
A.J.L. Slippens, Vice Chairman
E.A. de Groot
W.T.C. van der Vis