Annual Report 2017

Expectations and outlook

Economic developments remain favourable in the countries in which the group operates. As was the case in 2017, the outlook for the current financial year will be determined primarily by the degree to which revenue recovers in the German-speaking markets (more than 50% of the group revenue). The introduction of a renewed marketing campaign, the availability of a sufficient range of box springs and the completion of the refurbishment of the stores must enable Matratzen Concord to strengthen its position in the market under new management.

The group continues to pursue in full the objectives set out in the strategic plan ‘From Good to Great 2016-2020’, with the primary focus being on maximising customer satisfaction within an omnichannel environment. As part of this undertaking, the group furthermore aims to gain market leadership in the various markets through mainly like-for-like growth in revenue and expansion.

Uden, the Netherlands, 1 March 2018

B.F. Koops,